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Solar-powered 5m sliding gate, five bar style

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6m solar-powered sliding gate, five bar style

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6m solar-powered sliding gate, five bar style

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6m sliding gate with solid panels

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4m sliding gate, five bar style

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Anthracite Grey sliding gate with horizontal infill

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9m sliding gate, five bar style

EstateGuard sliding gates are designed and built to protect wide entrances (up to 9.5 metres in a single leaf) using a cantilever method rolling on heavy duty nylon axles.


Suitable for providing reliable security and convenience for farms, transport yards and industrial entrances, the gates move smoothly above the ground saving the need for a track across the opening.

Four designs available: Five Bar Style, Horizontal Box Section, Vertical Box Section, and Mesh Infill

  • Standard radio remote operation with two fobs

  • Access control including free exit sensors, keypads, radio fobs, GSM intercoms, timers

  • Six safety edges and photocell beams ensure compliance to current safety standards and all gates are CE marked for your peace of mind

  • Fully enclosed intensive duty cycle industrial European motors fitted as standard

  • A flashing beacon gives a clear indication of movement in restricted light

  • Emergency lockable manual override


  • Up to 9.5 metres opening width and 2.5m height

  • Light, medium, and heavy-duty options available

  • Choice of infill on most styles

  • Galvanised and powder-coated black or green

  • Three track sizes available, appropriate for the size of the gates

  • Assembled off-site for efficient installation with minimum inconvenience

  • Automatic closing optional


*A foundation consists of a large concrete block in the ground (2m3 of concrete minimum) on the motor side and a smaller concrete block for the latching post. A duct needs to link the two.


Prices shown are for supply and installation to a prepared foundation*, and includes: 2x radio fobs, 6x safety edges and 2x safety beams across the opening, motor enclosed in a lockable steel enclosure, double vertical box section upright latching post, and a warning beacon. 

Opening width, up to 

Up to 1.55m high 

Up to 2.0m high 

Up to 2.5m high 

8.0 m

£ 13344

£ 14040

£ 14926

9.5 m

£ 14926

£ 15355

£ 16138

EG200  (100mm frame, 200mm track) 

Opening width, up to 

Up to 1.55m high 

Up to 2.0m high 

Up to 2.5m high 

6.0 m

£ 10154

£ 10938

£ 11638

7.0 m

£ 11220

£ 11942

£ 12675

8.0 m

£ 11650

£ 12726


9.0 m

£ 12753



EG130  (80mm frame, 130mm track) 

Opening width, up to 

Five Bar Style 1.3M

Vertical 25mm Box Section or Mesh up to 1.3M

Vertical 25mm Box Section or Mesh up to 2.0m 

4.5 m

£ 8200

£ 8200


5.0 m

£ 8360

£ 8360

£ 8676

5.5 m

£ 8530

£ 8530

£ 8465

6.0 m

£ 8586

£ 8586

£ 9240

 EG95  (60mm frame, 95mm track) 

Additional radio remotes

£ 27

Backlit keypad

£ 200

Universal black 100x100mm keypad/ intercom post-black

£ 85

GSM Intercom 1 button

£ 760

GSM Intercom 2 button

£ 794

GSM Intercom 1 button with built in backlit keypad

£ 892

GSM Digital multiway intercom. Includes keypad and up to 100 different destinations

£ 1376

GSM Dial in release

£ 380

Built in 7 day timer with automatic daylight saving correction

£ 200

Road sensor for opening gates (recommend incorporating a timer to switch off outside of hours)

£ 450

330W Heavy Duty Solar Enclosure package with 2 no. 100AH batteries (not suitable for EG200 heavy duty sliding gates)

£ 2276

Additional batteries for Solar system

£ 220

OPTIONS  (applies to all gates)


Radio fob control
Keypad control


All gates have a built-in radio receiver which is triggered by fobs, typically 50m from the gate.


Hard wired back to the control panel, the keypad can be fixed to the gate frame or a post allowing the user to operate it from a vehicle window.

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