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  • Signage is recommended to advise users and the general public of any potential Health & Safety risks.

  • How to open and close your gates is a consideration - our consultants can guide you on the various access control options available.

  • How to power your gates - mains or solar? We advise using mains power where available. However, solar power can provide all year-round solutions with most types of access control.

  • A solar unit must face south with unshaded access to sunlight.


  • Generally speaking your gate should be positioned close to the boundary, ensuring that all vehicles are able to safely pull off the public highway whilst the gate is opening.

  • Planning rules, regulations and permissions can vary depending on the location. We advise you to check with your local authority if you are concerned.

  • A sliding gate is often more suitable in exposed or windy locations.

  • Safety is an important factor when designing gates. Our installations meet all current safety standards, but we highly recommend you carry out your own risk assessment.

  • We advise only using Solar where mains power is not an option. Be aware that there are ongoing maintenance costs with batteries and in a very small number of instances the batteries may need a mains charge in midwinter just to see them through during periods of prolonged fog or gloomy weather.

  • The panel will need to be positioned away from shade pointing due south and should be kept reasonably clean and free of dirt and snow.

  • Prepare for potential additional accessories from day 1 ensuring flexibility for the future.

  • The system we install has been designed and developed by ourselves since 2015. Many of the kits available on the internet are designed for sunnier climates and will not work all year round in the UK.


  • We calculate your requirements from sunlight data captured in the UK at numerous locations. Winter solar energy levels in the UK are less than a third than in the summer, so the size and angle of the panel is set to give optimum performance during winter months.

  • Deep cycle batteries are capable of storing enough charge for several days’ operations during dull spells of weather. Depending on the requirement, up to four batteries are used.

  • We provide a steel support system onto which the 300W panel is mounted. The batteries are then stored within the structure.

  • For high security locations we bury the batteries in a special enclosure below the ground to prevent battery theft (this is a precaution not a general occurrence in our experience).

Solar power sunset
Solar power sunset


Sliding Gates info

Light, medium, heavy-duty options with a choice of infill on most styles.


Hinging Gates info

Three classic designs:

Original Style, Five Bar, and Raised Stile.


Barriers info

Automatic Traffic barriers:

Cantilever Sliding and Rising Arm motion.


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